Position : Latitude 53 11′.18 N Longitude 4 12.5’W
Satellite Derived Position 0′.01S 0′.08E
Lock Basin Light: F.WR Vis R225 – 357 W 357 – 225

Dangers / Restrictions
A strong tide can be experienced across the entrance to the Tidal Pontoon Basin. Jet Ski’s are not permitted in the Marina. A 5 knot speed limited exists in this area of the Strait. In addition please observe a DEAD SLOW speed limit to avoid creating unnecessary wash.

Marina Approach
Contact the dockmaster on Channel 80 before approaching. Both the Lock Basin and Tidal Pontoon Basin entrances dry but are accessible HW + / Р3 hours approx.


Lock Entrance Approach
No movements in Lock or Lock Basin without permission To enter lock, from main channel, turn when entrance opens up and keep 10 metres from wall. All movement control by the dock master.

Tidal Pontoon Basin
Berth Holders and short stay visitors only – Dries at springs. Strong cross tide at entrance. To enter turn when entrance opens up, beware of departing vessels.

In the Lock Basin shelter is almost total. The Tidal Pontoon Basin also offers good protection.